We specialize in the healthcare sector

We offer our medical and business expertise, and our international network

Our activities:

  • Consulting and support, from Start-Ups to Mid-Caps,
  • Strategy, business development, international, innovation…
  • Mergers and Acquisitions

Dr Helewa s.a.s. brings together former business leaders from the health sector in France, and also internationally; in particular USA, Canada, Japan, China, HK, Netherlands, Italy, GCC…
We put our experience, our medical and business expertise, and our network at the service of managers.
We support them on an ad hoc or long-term basis for any type of consulting mission (strategy, business development, international deployment, innovation management, etc.), representation (business contribution mandate, etc.) and intermediation (buyer or seller mandate in the event of acquisition or transfer).

About us

Dr Laurent Helewa,
President of Cleanis s.a.s. (2001-2016), DrHelewa s.a.s. (2017)

With Dr Mayer Helewa,
Physician, inventor of the First Bedpan Liner in 1998

Dr Laurent Helewa

President Founder

1991 – 2005 :
Dental surgeon and various associative and entrepreneurial experiences

2001-2016 :
Founding President and shareholder of Cleanis
(associated with investment funds, then with the Innothera Group, sale in 2016)
3 subsidiaries (USA – Japan – Italy) – 35 employees

From innovative start-up to market “gold standard”
• First bag for biological fluids (patented invention)
• Breakthrough technology in the field of hygiene

Growing markets:
Hospital (infection control)
Home Healthcare (dependent patients)
Emergency – Disaster management (nomadic hygiene)

2017 :
Creation of Dr Helewa s.a.s.

Dr Philippe Eychenne


1983 – 2005 :
Pharmacist, Laboratoires Pierre Fabre (Castres – Toulouse)
Executive assistant to Mr. Pierre Fabre Product manager then marketing director

President of Dolisos and Naturactive Laboratories:
• No. 2 in the world and Europe in homeopathy and natural medicines
• 10 subsidiaries – 1,260 employees

2006 – 2016 :
Consultant to leaders in the health/wellness/beauty industry
(Omega Pharma, Nutrition & Santé, Menarini diagnostic, Iprad, Giphar, Rogé Cavaillès, Cleanis, Sanofi, etc.)

2017 :
Creation of Dr Helewa SAS


Dr Helewa s.a.s. brings together former business leaders or senior executives in the health sector in France and internationally; especially :

  • in America: USA, Canada
  • in Asia: Japan, China, Hong Kong, Singapore
  • in Europe: Benelux, UK, Italy, Greece, Spain
  • in the Middle East: GCC countries

We have access to a large healthcare ecosystem, and regularly collaborate with:

  • investors and investment funds from the health sector (Life Science, Medtech, etc.)
  • Opinion leaders, speakers
  • learned or sectoral societies
  • health, hospital and liberal professionals
  • CRO and MRO, R&D, Quality and Regulatory consultants (MDR, CE, FDA, Cosmetics, Biocides, Food Supplements, Medical Devices Classes 1/2/3)…

We are members of: French Healthcare Association – Medicen – French Founders

Areas of expertise

Dr Helewa s.a.s. has expertise and network in many areas of health, in particular:
Medical devices – Hospital hygiene – Infection control – Dental surgery – Single use – Hospital – Home support – Tissue regeneration – Pharmacy – Cosmetics – Biocides – I.O.M.T. – Food Supplements – Emergency – Biotech – Medtech…

















Activities and achievements

#01 Commercial

Creation of profitable business and turnover, distributor brands, international subsidiaries; in-depth knowledge of health sales channels in France (and also in the USA, Canada, Japan, etc.)

#02 Management & Finance

Several fundraisings carried out, value analysis and gross margin gain, sale and integration of an SAS into a group, creation of Joint Venture.

#03 Legal

Resolution of complex issues, IP strategy in numerous countries, creation of numerous legal structures in France and internationally.

#04 Marketing

Ability to participate in the design of a relevant marketing strategy, in order to build, consolidate or develop market share.

#05 Production

Creation of several production units, in France and internationally.
Creation of subcontracting in France, Tunisia, Türkiye, China…

#06 Innovation

Inventions, patents, formulations, innovation management, design and development, Regulatory strategy, Partnerships with CRO, MRO, INSERM and CNRS Laboratories, in-vitro and in-vivo tests, Pre-clinical and Clinical, FDA and CE…

#07 Mergers & Acquisitions

Seller advisor:

  • Sale of a single-use medical manufacturer*
  • Sale of Atm s.a.r.l. to Pen… s.a.s.*
  • Sale of a medical equipment distributor*

Buyer advisor:

  • Acquisition of Hygie inc. by Didactic s.a.s.

 * names on request

Consulting & Support

We advise business leaders in the medical sector on all their issues:
Search for Distributors, Market access, Regulatory strategy, Innovation management, International development, Fundraising, Growth strategy…

We intervene in various forms; advice, intermediation, business support… occasionally or long-term.

For example, we support:

Mergers & Acquisitions

We also have a consulting and intermediation activity for sales or acquisitions of companies in the health field.
Our specialization, our knowledge of the sector, and our business network allow us to find sometimes “off-market” opportunities; for acquire and sale, in France and internationally

Do not hesitate to ask us about our current files, among others:

  • Sale of a Distributor of Pharmaceutical Specialties in the USA (vaccines, blood derivatives, etc.)
  • Acquisition in hygiene and protection in the USA
  • Acquisition in medical and/or dental consumables in France and export
  • Investment in innovative cell regeneration technology in France


Dr Helewa s.a.s.
14 rue du regard, 75006 Paris - France
T :   +33 (0)1 43 22 77 59
M : +33 (0)6 60 22 55 66